Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

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When do I need an EPC?

Following changes to EPC regulations, April 2012, all EPCs must be ordered within 7 days of commencement of marketing a property.
If you are about to place a property on the market, you will first need a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate or EPC. If you are a Landlord and you are about to rent out a property then you will also need an EPC. If you are a home owner and you want to fit Solar Panels to your property, you will need an EPC to accompany your feed-in-tariff application.

Please see EPC for Solar Panel Feed-in-Tariff.

What is a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate?

A Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which demonstrates the energy rating of a building. An EPC gives prospective buyers or tenants information about the energy efficiency of the building they’re buying or renting. Based on the carbon emissions the building is likely to produce, an energy rating from A to G is given, with A being very efficient and G the least efficient. All EPCs come with a recommendation report, which includes suggestions for improving its energy efficiency, and indicates how long it will take to recoup, through energy savings, the costs.

Homes currently account for over 27% of the UK Carbon Dioxide emissions. As home owners are aware, energy prices rise relentlessly and it is important to be aware of the potential energy cost of a property.

So whether an owner, landlord or solicitor you can be assured of our professional service.

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