Building Energy Performance Assessor

Building Energy Performance Assessor

An Energy Assessor is able to advice on cost saving measures to your home or business once a DEC or EPC has been completed. This comes in the form of a recommendations report with an indication of the payback periods for your investment. Energy Assessors also provide an explanatory narrative report to better explain your options. 

The energy assessor is responsible for carrying out an energy assessment on your building with reasonable care and skill. They are also responsible for entering the certificate onto the national register before giving it to the person who commissioned it.

Accreditation schemes ensure energy assessors are competent and possess the appropriate skills to conduct these assessments. An individual is required to either have a recognized qualification from an awarding body or approved prior experience and learning equivalent to the National Occupational Standard requirements.

The energy assessor must use the latest version of the approved calculation methods software to produce the EPC and recommendation report. While a number of organizations currently offer energy assessment services, EPCs and DECs may only be produced by an accredited energy assessor.

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