Energy ratings explained

Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency rating is a measure of the overall efficiency of a building. For domestic properties, the higher the rating the more efficient the property is and the lower the fuel bills will be. The reverse is true for commercial buildings, where the lower the rating number the more efficient the building.

Enviromental Impact CO2 Rating

The environmental impact rating is a measure of a property's impact on the enviroment in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The higher the rating the less impact it has on the enviroment.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows the current and potential energy rating of a property, known as a 'SAP rating'. A 'SAP' rating stands for Standard Assessment Procedure and is the Government's recommended system for producing a property energy rating. The SAP charts have been divided into 7 bands ranging from A-G. Each range has a set range of 'SAP' points. Each chart has a current and pontential energy rating out of a maximum of 100 points .

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