How can I reduce my bills?

You can start to cut your bills without spending any money, just by making a few painless changes to your routine. Drop your heating temperature by a degree or two ... put just enough water in the kettle ... don't leave lights / computers / chargers  on unecessarily.

Next comes the low cost options ... draught-proof all doors and windows ... replace all light bulbs with low-energy equivalents. There is a huge selection of alternatives now, and they don't have the disadvantages of the early models. Got a 50 Watt tungsten-halogen reading lamp ? - replace it with a 'cool' LED equivalent - you'll find the light better to read by and be using over 80% less power.

Moving up ... get your walls and loft insulated to current standards. Subsidies may still be available, and it's the quickest way to conserve the heat you are paying for. Give your heating system a make-over, with up-to-date programming and thermostatic controls - make sure you are only paying for the heat and hot water you really need.

More costly, but often of the most benefit, is the big stuff ... replacement double-glazed windows and doors. Modern units have heat-retaining coatings, efficient draught-proofing and high security fittings. Alternative heating and hot water systems are nowadays many times more efficient than old boilers and electric systems.

And don't forget the new 'renewable' technologies ... solar water heating / solar PV panels / wind turbines ... once installed they start reducing your demand and cutting your bills instantly.


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